About us

M & P Metal C,.Ltd is based in Brazil. Our company was founded few years back and now it has become a leading International Non - Ferrous scrap metal Processor, Recycler & Trader. Our company has all the characteristics of an International Recycling Specialist.

With the aid of advanced equipment, well trained staff & expert partners, all materials are sorted, checked ( manually ) & processed quickly & competently.

We buy, sell & process a wide variety of stainless steels, high-temperature alloys, Ni/Cr/Mo/Fe alloys, cobalt alloys, cupronickels, monels, titaniums and many other nickel based scrap items.

We also deal in secondary defective/damaged and surplus material of stainless steels, Ni/Cr/Mo/Fe alloys, monels, titaniums and many other nickel based items. These materials can be in any form like sheets, plates, coils, pipes, rods & bars etc.

We deal with a range of clients across the globe. We source materials from all over the world, from Far East, Middle East, Africa, Europe, UK & USA.

We Uphold the highest ethical standard in terms of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.

Diversity, dedication and professionalism of our people distinguish us.