M & P Metal C,.Ltd Scrap Metals Limited , an international ferrous and non ferrous export,trading company based in Brazil and is equipped with extensive trading experience and been focusing solely on ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. We have many international collaborations from Europe, Far East, Asia and Africa.
We have been trading,exporting with reputed end users and re-sellers in the scrap industry, many of whom have been in the metal industry for the last 10 to 50 years. We are also agents for several yards who process and export their scrap. As a result, within a short period of time, M & P Metal C,.Ltd Scrap Metals Limited has been able to establish its reputation as a reliable service provider who has been able to deliver quality and prompt service as promised.
We have business dealings all over the world
You are welcome to view our product listing and contact with us 24hrs on skype or Email for further information and shipping schedule .
We are committed to preserve environment. Recycling metal has numerous benefits for the environment. Compared with making products from recycled metal, the production of new metal from mined ore releases far greater amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.

We value our environment, safety and social responsibilities. Our people uphold the highest professional performance standard.

The core task of our business activities is handling & processing of stainless steel scrap & sourcing other reusable materials from reputable sources throughout the world. Customer satisfaction and product quality are vital components of our business model. Customers have access to a 24-hour customer support number.